National Hearing Aid Donation Scheme


As part of our commitment to the hearing impaired, The Hearing Company are offering $200 discount off the cost of a new pair of hearing aids for every old hearing aid that is donated to Paddy’s Jewel to be reconditioned and passed onto the unfortunate children in Vietnam with hearing disabilities. To take advantage of this special offer book an appointment to discuss this offer with one of our clinicians today!

Paddy’s Jewel is a not-for-profit charity registered in Australia and based in Vietnam. It was established to assist hearing impaired children and their families in Hoian, Vietnam. By alleviating some of the difficulties children with hearing disabilities and their families deal with on a daily basis.

The main focus of Paddy’s Jewel is to provide sign language training, hearing aids and an education for young children with hearing disabilities.

Paddy’s Jewel is neither a religious nor a government agency. They were established by Maire McCann. Maire is an Enrolled Nurse, from New Zealand and Australia, who has been a self-funded volunteer in Hộian since 2006. What began as a project solely supported by Maire’s wages is now beginning to grow as others hear of the plight of these children.

Paddy’s Jewel runs two small classrooms in Hoian. Through their education programs the children are trained in sign language, reading, writing, mathematics, song and dance. Now that they are learning sign language they are learning to communicate with their families and establish a network of peers. Not only will their ability to communicate ensure a life with more social inclusion, their education will dramatically improve their opportunities for meaningful employment and to maximize their self-esteem.

If you would like to donate any old hearing aids please get in touch with a clinician to arrange an appointment.