Types Of Loss


Three types of hearing loss

A breakdown or weakening of any part of the hearing system can result in a loss of hearing. The area of weakness or malfunction determines the type of hearing loss:

  1. Conductive hearing loss occurs when a problem in the outer or middle ear prevents sound vibrations from passing through to the inner ear. This type of hearing loss results in a general reduction in hearing ‘volume’ and is potentially medically treatable.
  2. Sensori-neural hearing loss occurs when a problem affects the inner ear. Sounds are received from the outer and middle ear, but are not efficiently converted to nerve impulses. This type of hearing loss results in a lack of ‘clarity’ rather than ‘volume’ and is permanent in nature.
  3. Mixed hearing loss occurs when both conductive and sensori-neural problems co-exist.

All of The Hearing Company Clinicians are highly qualified specialists who are passionate about hearing and hearing loss. They can identify the nature of hearing losses quickly and accurately, giving you a clear understanding of why and how your hearing problems exist and what action you need to take.