It’s almost impossible to avoid all situations where loud noise is an issue, but for those constantly working or spending leisure time in a noisy environment, considering protection for your ears in an absolute must. Technology originally designed to suit specific environments has now filtered down to the high street, and our experts are only too happy to advise clients on the wide range of hearing protection available.

There are two main types of hearing protection: modular, fixed response and a custom-made option. The first of these is generally recommended to the occasional user, such as those briefly visiting noisy environments. However, at The Hearing Company we prefer to recommend the second option; a completely custom-made product for those who are exposed to long periods of excessive noise levels. Made from an impression of your ear, this bespoke solution means the acoustic seal is the best fit for you, and that it’s a comfortable fit for long periods of use.

So do you need hearing protection? Consider this – very few people are aware of the noise levels that can damage your hearing beyond repair. For instance, listening to music or being subjected to noise above 85db can damage your hearing; 85db is no louder than someone shouting or even talking loudly. So next time you reach for that volume control, think about protecting your ears!

We supply a huge range of noise protection products, one off disposables, through to custom-made noise protection needs.



Products may vary – please contact one of our clinicians to discuss your hearing protection needs.