You need to be able to rely on your hearing aid. That’s why we have included a lifetime of aftercare for all of our clients.


The Hearing Company offers a 5 star aftercare programme which looks after your hearing and your hearing aids for life. This unrivalled programme of support includes a regular assessment and evaluation of your hearing, expert help, advice and demonstrations of new hearing aid technology to ensure you continue to get the most out of your hearing.

During your annual review aftercare appointments, we offer expert help and advice and a 5 Star Service check which includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing tubing.
  • Adjusting your hearing aid battery contacts.
  • Cleaning the hearing aid casing and microphone duct.
  • Checking for acoustic feedback.
  • Checking your hearing aid performance.
  • A free pack of hearing aid batteries.

We will also assess your hearing on a regular basis to monitor changes in your hearing to ensure your hearing aids continue to give you the best possible hearing improvement.

If you need any further help and service do not hesitate to call us to arrange an appointment with one of our clinicians.