One or Two?

What are the benefits of wearing two hearing aids?

Better understanding of speech – Research tells us that people who wear two hearing aids are more likely to understand speech and conversation significantly better than those who only wear one.

Better understanding in group or noisy situations – With the use of two hearing aids it is easier to pick up the sounds you want to hear such as conversation, instead of those you don’t, like background noise.

Ability to tell the direction sound is coming from – With the help of two hearing aids it is easier to determine where noises are coming from, helping in busy social situations such as dinner parties to everyday activities such as crossing the road.

Better sound quality – Why does your home stereo have two speakers? It’s the same for hearing aids, and this reason is because it produces better sound quality and balance.

Greater listening comfort – Two hearing aids generally means the volume on each can be lowered, compared to only wearing one. It also reduces the chances of feedback and whistling.

Participating is less tiring and more enjoyable – A lot of people say it is much easier to participate in conversation with the use of two hearing aids.

Tinnitus – Around 50% of people who suffer from Tinnitus say the ringing is reduced in their ears when two devices are worn.

Preference – When given the choice, the overwhelming majority of users with hearing loss in both ears prefer wearing two hearing aids.

Satisfaction – Research amongst 5000 hearing aid users with a loss in both ears have demonstrated that those who wear two hearing aids are more satisfied than those who only wear one.